On today’s Power Talk with Lorraine, it was ‘Talk Back Friday.’ The callers got to pick the topic, and what was on most people’s minds was Juror B29’s recent interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America.” She was on the jury that found George Zimmerman ‘not guilty,’ which was made up of all white women with an exception. Juror B29, or Maddy, was that exception, as she is of Puerto Rican decent. She revealed in the interview that she believed Zimmerman got away with murder. “For myself, he is guilty because the evidence shows he is guilty, ” she stated. “As much as we were trying to find this man guilty, they give you a booklet that basically tells you the truth, and the truth is that there was nothing that we could do about it,” she said. “I feel the verdict was already told.I feel like I let a lot of people down.” She shared her regrets and explained that is hard for her to sleep at night and even to eat.

This is a stark difference from those of Juror B39. What do you think of the latest remarks from Juror B29 of the Zimmerman trial?






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