Let me get this straight: George Zimmerman comes out of hiding to rescue a family in need?

Are you kidding me?!

It just so happens Zimmerman was riding by? With his police radio scanner in hand, ready to hear the call to protect America? And in very close proximity to the subdivision where he shot and killed an unarmed Trayvon Martin?

I thought Zimmerman was so fearful for his safety that he was considering moving out of the country; but yet his secret hiding place is in Seminole County in Sanford, Florida?

Come on with that bull!

The ULTIMATE PR stunt!

Then after Zimmerman helped at the car accident, attorney Mark O’Mara speaks to reporters and says this: “This is quintessential George. This is the person who I knew him to be when I found out about his past before February 12. Just a guy who’s always involved in the community, always willing to, you know, lend a helping hand. And, here we go, four days after the event, something that I could not have planned, but turned out to be just pure George.”

And of course his outspoken brother Robert had this to add: “I was not surprised. No one in our family’s surprised. That sounds a lot like something that George would do.”

Is killing an unarmed teenager coming home from the store also the kind of thing that sounds a lot like something George would do?

Yeah – answer THAT question Robert!

This feels very disrespectful to Martin’s parents only hours after millions of people – black and white, Asian and Hispanic – rallied in over 100 cities in America to speak out against Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict. It’s disrespectful for O’Mara and Robert Zimmerman to address the media on these planned heroics (as I see them) in order to start trying to change most of America’s mind about George Zimmerman.

What’s next? Community service outings at the Boys & Girls Club? Rescue a black cat from a tree? Feed a homeless black man? Start a college scholarship for underprivileged black boys? Please!

George Zimmerman and his team are working hard to repair his image, prepare him for possible employment locally in Sanford and begin to garner national sympathy.

I’m not falling for it. How about you?

Mo Ivory, CBS Local


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