Freddie Falcon leads the charge. (Photo Credit: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sport)

Freddie Falcon leads the charge. (Photo Credit: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sport)

So now it has arrived, Atlanta Falcons Training Camp 2013, starting this Thursday July 25th. Sports Radio 92.9 The Game will be covering ALL the happenings at Flowery Branch as your only live and local 24 hour station. I covered the positions for the upcoming season for the “Dirty Birds” as objectively as possible….for the most part, but now I have decided to go off the beaten path into “un-objectivity.” Yes people, as I am a blogger covering the Falcons, I am also a fan of the organization. I have high hopes for this upcoming season, SuperBowl aspirations, and just as a kid is in November, I am anticipating what possible things Santa Claus may bring on Christmas, or in our case February 2nd, 2014. Here is my wishlist;

1. Matt Ryan signs a “blockbuster” deal that locks him down for several years to come, but cap friendly enough to acquire Richard Seymour and John Abraham. Again, this is my list!!

2. Training camp is tough, where Jonathan Massaquoi is an absolute standout eventually being paired with Osi Umenyiora they become known as “The Dirty Men of Troy”…..don’t judge me!!

3. Again in training camp I hope that Roddy White and Julio Jones totally annihilate Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford so that every other competition they will face in the NFL face is manageable.

4. I wish for an injury free training camp and preseason!!

5. As I always wish for victory in every game for the Falcons but realistically I’ll take a 12-4 regular season record, NFC South Champs, defeating the Saints twice, Dome-field Advantage throughout the playoffs, Ryan throwing for 5,000 plus yards, Steven Jackson running for 1,200 yards and receiving for 800, Julio Jones with 1,100 yards and 15 touchdowns, Roddy White has 1,050 yards and 14 touchdowns, Tony Gonzalez has 900 yards and 10 touchdowns, Osi has 14 sacks, Massaquoi has 12, Cliff Matthews has 5, Malliciah Goodman has 5, John Abraham in spot duty finishes with 7, Asante Samuel finishes with 6 interceptions, Desmond Trufant finishes with 4, Robert Alford has taken back 6 kicks for touchdowns in punt return duties. The team goes through the regular season with no major injuries and fully equipped for the postseason Whew!!

6. I wish the Atlanta Falcons back into the NFC Championship Game where they face…….the New Orleans Saints, yes the hated Saints!! Atlanta defeats New Orleans 56-0 and a brass band donning Falcons colors “2nd Line” down Northside Drive!!

7. My final wish, The Atlanta Falcons defeat the Denver Broncos in SuperBowl XLVIII by the score of 34-21, Matt Ryan is named Most Valuable Player, they bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Atlanta, there is a huge parade on Peachtree Street right in front of Colony Square where Sports Radio 92.9 The Game has exclusive coverage, and all is well with the world!!

Hopefully, my wishes come true and I will have a huge smile like a kid on Christmas Day!!

Jamie Walker is a Producer and the Atlanta Falcons Blogger for Sports Radio 92.9 The Game. He can be followed on Twitter @coachjdub21 or reached through email at


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