Michael Schottey, Lead NFL writer for Bleacher Report, joined Overtime to talk about the Falcons, Matt Ryan and the upcoming NFL season.

Falcons: Schottey gives his prediction for the Falcons saying they’re at least a 10 win team and could easily get to 12 wins. He says the Falcons have been good enough for awhile, but they need to be a “show me” team this year and prove that they can win Championships (NFC or Super Bowl). He discusses Matt Ryan and why he hasn’t got a deal done yet. He says right now, Ryan would probably be the 3rd or 4th highest paid quarterback; if he waits until next season and potentially wins an NFC Championship, he could be the highest paid QB.

He also discusses the rest of the league including the AFC East saying the Dolphins haven’t done enough in the offseason to beat the Patriots in the division. He also thinks RG3 will be the one to have a sophomore slump just based on his injuries.

Listen to the full interview below:

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  1. Man I’m soooooo amped about this one

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