I am about to go nuts!

And my heart is breaking all over again, at the same time, for Trayvon Martin.

This trial is draining me emotionally and physically; and the defense is just getting started!

Judge Debra Nelson – presiding over The Trial of the Century – ruled that George Zimmerman‘s attorneys will be allowed to tell the six female jurors about a toxicology report showing that Martin had THC (the active drug in marijuana) in his body when he died.

Why does this matter, you ask?

Because the defense is trying to destroy the late teen’s character. Trying to say he was “under the influence” of drugs and that he was acting strangely that night.

That would begin to establish that Zimmerman was following Martin because Martin appeared to be “up to something.” The defense will use this toxicology report as justification for Zimmerman murdering Martin. (Though his claim is self defense).

And it may work.

That is what disgusts me the most.

Since when does smoking weed make you aggressive?

Actually, it makes you calm, relaxed and chilled out. If anything, smoking weed may be the reason Martin could not get away from Zimmerman when the then-neighborhood watch volunteer started following him. If he was in fact high, he would have been slower and maybe not as defensive as he would normally be.

It would have given Zimmerman an advantage over Martin. His reflexes would have been faster, he would have been more alert, and Zimmerman would have been more aggressive.

Change that – Zimmerman WAS more aggressive! We all know that; but can the prosecutors prove that beyond a reasonable doubt?

These past few days of the trial do not feel like they are proving anything beyond a reasonable doubt.

On the brighter side, Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s dad, testified that it was in fact his 17-year-old screaming on the 911 tapes. Defense attorney Mark O’Mara was trying to establish that the elder Martin had previously made statements that he did not recognize Trayvon’s voice on the recording.

Nonetheless, Martin got on the stand and testified in a strong and persuasive manner that when he listened to the tape several times, he knew it was Trayvon’s voice. His testimony was heartbreaking and once again threw my emotions into frenzy.

One thing was clear: Tracy Martin’s testimony was a win for the prosecution – finally!

The next argument in the trial is the motion by defense attorneys asking the judge to allow jurors to see a computer animated depiction of the fatal confrontation between Zimmerman and Martin.

Prosecutors do not want this animation to be mentioned or played for the jurors because it doesn’t show a murder weapon and only makes approximations on where Zimmerman and Martin were positioned in the subdivision that night. (All of these accounts come from witness testimony).

Basically, it’s a pro-Zimmerman depiction of the events of the night minus the weapon that killed Martin.

Again, we will have to stomach Zimmerman’s account of the night of February 26, 2012 without any word from the unarmed victim.

Mo Ivory, CBS Local


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