Hey parents, are you in tune with your children or familiar with their “language?” If you’re not, or think you do, here is some information that you may need to know. With this new generation, a new drug slang is among us. Unfortunately we are not just talking about marijuana. Kids now days are doing more dangerous drugs, and some of these drugs can even be found in your home. If you think that’s bad, you should check out the names that these kids have come up with for these drugs. Some of names of these drugs have been used in music, but you would not know because the names sound so innocent. Need and example, check out the list below.

Molly — Purer form of Ecstasy
Cheese — Tylenol and Heroin Combination
Blueberries — Prescription ADHD drug Adderall
Tic Tacs — Sleep Aid Ambien
Eggs — Insomnia Drug Temazepam
French Fries — Prescription Drug Xanax
Strawberry Quick — Fruity-Flavored Meth
Skittles — Over-the-Counter Cough Syrup Ingredient Dextromethorphan
Butter Sandwich — Cocaine
Cornbread — Crack Cocaine

And speaking of drugs, the Trayvon Martin case has taken a new turn. The judge has allowed Trayvon Martin’s toxicology report to be used as evidence. It was reported that THC was found in his blood during the autopsy, and Zimmerman” team would like to use the claim that marijuana caused Martin to act hostile. So today on Too Much Truth, DB asked the question, “do you feel that Trayvon Martin’s toxicology report is relevant to the case? Tell us what you think by filling out the survey below.


Is Tryavon Martin’s toxicology report relevant to the case?


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