I have been in the Atlanta area for going on 31 years now(all of my life), and this is the first time that I have sat back and taken a look at all of our teams and thought “we” are pretty good. I say we affectionately because I am from this city and I am actually fans of ALL of the home teams.  I would like to start off by talking about the Atlanta Braves who before the season we saw a team that was “aggressive” in the offseason and went out and brought in the likes of Justin and B.J Upton, and now they are standing on top of the NL East going in to the All-Star break. As much as I loved the John Schuerholz era and all the moves he made as the man who had the final say-so, Frank Wren is holding the torch up pretty well. He sees a need for the team and goes out and tries to fill it. Whether we agree with the moves or not that may be another story, but in order for us to be taken seriously we have to stay behind our General Managers of our respective teams. Growing up watching the Braves was pretty easy due to the fact that they ripped off about 20 division titles in a row, it was the Falcons who weren’t getting any attention in the 90’s outside of their Super Bowl run in 1998. Right now the Falcons have Thomas Dimitroff in place and he hit the jackpot on the position that he had to by picking Matt Ryan in that crucial 2008 draft. Dimitroff has similar qualities as Wren because he has been known to be aggressive in the offseason as well. Again, some of the moves we may not agree with like Ray Edwards…I had to take a pause on that one, but he has also brought in the likes of Michael Turner who was an All-Pro from day one. The Braves and Falcons have GM’s in place that have our teams in place ready to make a run at the big  one. The Atlanta Hawks last year finally jumped on board and made the change where they saw a need. The Hawks brought in Danny Ferry and he immediately put his stamp on this organization  by getting rid of Joe Johnson’s ridiculous contract. I wanted to go jump in Danny Ferry’s arms like a child being reunited with their long lost parents. Ferry is a little over a year in his regime and it smells like freshly vacuumed carpet instead of like the street on trash day. We will always cherish our 1 championship back in 1995, but with our third team finally making the right move, it looks like we may have another parade coming to a Peachtree street near you.

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