Today on Too Much Truth, DB talks about an article that he found about a summer camp that took things to the extreme. According to the article, parents are upset that a summer camp that was supposed to teach kids about outdoor ecology decided to teach them about slavery. Parents who sent their kids to Blue Ridge Outdoor Education Center said that their kids came home upset because they were forced to participated in a lesson about the Underground Railroad. In the lesson, the children were mad to play slaves. The kids had no warning or explanation when the lesson began. One student said the teacher started yelling at her and had a whip in his hands. Then all of the African-American female students were told to act like slaves while they were led to “freedom” by the white instructors.

When parents demanded an explanation from the camp director, Rich Bowerman, he said “the point there is we want the students confused and frightened, I would imagine just as a slave would’ve been.” The camp does not see anything wrong with the lesson, but apologizes to those who were offended.

Do you think they went to far, and would this have been an excepted by the Jewish Culture if they did the same lesson about the Holocaust? If you feel that this lesson has gone to far, Derrick Boazman would like to encourage all to call the camp and demand a change. If we don’t stand now, this type of behavior will continue.