This week, we at V-103 and WAOK have chosen Rev. DR. W.J. Lawson as our Pastor of the Week. Throughout the entire month of June, his church, Cornerstone Community Baptist Church out on Campbellton Road is honoring this great man of god for his outstanding contributions not only to Cornerstone, but also our state and nation.
Pastor Lawson was born in Tifton, GA and is one of our nation’s most gifted pastors, lecturers and teachers. He is a man who wears his anointing like a coat. He inspires and enlightens those he meets with his wonderful spirit and his knowledge of the word of God.
He and his lovely wife and first lady Patricia Lawson work tirelessly to spread the word of God and be a blessing to the entire Body of Christ.
I have heard him preach many times and Pastor W.J. Lawson is a powerful preacher. He is known fara and wide as “Awesome Lawson” because he preached the word of God with authority and power and loves the Lord with all his heart.
Because he is not the newly elected 5th District President fotr the stoe of Georgia for the National Baptist Convention – and because of his dedication to the members of Cornerstone Community Baptist Church, we have selected you Pastor Dr. W.J. Lawson as our Pastor of the Week.
To find out more about Pastor Lawson and Cornerstone Community Baptist Church, you can visit their church at 4895 Campbellton Road in Southwest Atlanta.
I can guarantee that you will feel the Christian love the moment you walk in the door – and when you get there tell “Awesome Pastor Dr. W.J. Lawson” that Larry Tinsley said hello.


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