ATLANTA (WAOK)-The integrity is in question of November election ballots for Fulton County residents.

Officials are questioning if a flawed registration database has allowed voters to cast fraudulent ballots after Fulton’s Information technology department found 10,000 people registered at vacant lots and vacant buildings throughout the county.

The investigation started after elections Interim Director Sharon Mitchell found that 122 people were still registered at demolished Atlanta public housing projects, when they voted in November. Mitchell and staff have not found any change-of-address forms for the 122 voters in question.

Elections board member Stan Matarazzo wants to know if the 122 voters in question, used invalid addresses when they signed in at the polls. Matarazzo says he will make sure that those who didn’t provide a different address before signing the voter certificate, are prosecuted.

Laughlin Mcdonald, director of American Civil Liberty Union Voting Rights, said residents still have the right to vote provisionally if they still live in the county, and it does not mean they are committing fraud if they are registered at a defunct address.


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