Are you single, and want to find love? Well today on Too Much Truth, Derrick Boazman wants to make sure you are making the right choices. Today he talked to Dr. Wendy Walsh. She is the writer of “Love Detox,” which teaches you how to get you to the altar without making unhealthy decision. She also gave five sexual myths  and suggestions  that almost made DB fall out his chair. Click below to hear what that suggestion was.

And did you hear the news about Michael Douglas? He says that he got throat cancer from HPV. So how do you think he got HPV? Hmmmm…. And if this is true, then this needs to be an eye opener for those who like to be with more than one partner. So how does can we avoid getting exposed to this infection? To the bottom of this, DB called on his good friend, Dr. Vaughn Claggett, who gave some important facts and statistics when it comes to SDT’s. So ladies, if you missed the show, pay attention and click on the link below.


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