Meet Charlene Carter. She is a 41-year-old is a single mother of three. She moved to Atlanta from Orlando, Florida and opened up a restaurant on Campbellton Road called CC’s Kitchen. In December her business went under financially and she lost everything – home, savings, everything! Charlene has been living in her car with her 17-year old daughter, Brittany, since January. Her sons are in Orlando.

Charlene’s daughter, Brittany recently wrote V-103’s radio personality, Egypt a letter in an effort to win her mother one of Egypt’s coveted ‘Mommy Make-overs.’ When Egypt called Charlene to let her know she’d won the Make Over, she found out about their circumstances, including the fact that this daughter concerned about a make over for her mother was LIVING IN A CAR with her mother! For the past few months both mother and daughter have had to bathe in a public bathroom to start their day.
V-103’s radio personality Egypt, Pastor Derrick Rice, Derrick Boazman & the servants of Sankofa United Church of Christ have teamed up to help this family. And WE NEED YOUR HELP!

  • We’re seeking housing for Charlene and Brittany on the west side of town preferably in the Smyrna, Douglasville or South West Atlanta area.
  • We also have a goal of $5,000 to raise to help cover permanent housing, gas, food, etc. for them for a few months.
  • A couple of establishments have offered potential jobs to Charlene. YOUR assistance will help stabilize this deserving family as we help her stand again!

We feel Charlene is deserving because ALL of God’s children are deserving! But, if you take a look at her facebook page for yourself, you’ll see that as recent as October 2012, she was helping feed our houseless brothers and sisters by donating food and services and a little over 2 months later, she found herself living in her car!

Charlene is certified and licensed in food management in the state of Georgia. If you or someone you know has a job opportunity that can be offered in this field or any other, please let us know by going to her website at


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