Beyonce in the The Mrs. Carter Show Tour

Put’em Up

So if you had a chance to grab one of the best Bottoms in the world would yo do it? What if I told you that you would get away from with it, but get thrown out of the concert after you did it. Would you still do it? One fan got a little too frisky during Beyonce’s performance of “Irreplaceable” in Copenhagen Monday, copping a feel of her backside, her baddunkadunk, her Laffy Taffy, her Trunk, her….O.K. you get the point! This was in Denmark and my guess is that there was a funny smell in the air? Just saying…Beyonce had just reached out to touch the hands of several fans close to stage and, when she turned around, a fan tapped her behind. Here is the link to see it!

Beyonce, immediately responded by saying: “I will have you escorted out right now, alright?” I have to admit that I would Never! Neva-Eva reach out and touch Beyonce’s tushy at a concert! Plus you really wanna mess with the guy that told the world that he has 99 problems…you know the rest! “B” has been denying rumors that she and husband, Jay-Z, are pregnant with a second child. Suspicions arose after many cancelled tour dates due to “health problems.” The Mrs. Carter Show World tour is scheduled to continue throughout the summer. Beyonce will be in the ATL July 13th! I DARE YOU!!!!
Beyonce and  Jay-Z in Cuba

Put’em Up and tune in to the show! From 2-6pm


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