Picture one of those old movies….Anthony and Cleopatra floating down the Nile…reclined on a bed of feathers….eating grapes…every possible care and need being tended to….that’s kinda’ how you feel going down the road in a Lexus LS 460.

The 460 is the flagship of the Lexus line….the big one…comparable in size to the Mercedes “S” Class, BMW 7 Series, or the Audi A8.

The difference?   For one, the LS can be had for between 10 and 20K less than those other models.

The other difference?   The quality of ride.

Let’s face it.   Lexus has always caught some heat from the enthusiast publications for not having quite the level of performance and handling that the best of the Europeans bring to the table.

But hey….that’s never been what Lexus has been about.  Rather, Lexus is about delivering a flawless level of comfort, confidence and luxury to the driver and their passengers.

And in that arena, Lexus owns the franchise.

You can buy the LS 460, or just about any Lexus for that matter, and pretty much trust that with reasonable care and maintenance, your vehicle will get you down the road for the next 10 years or so with minimal stress and maximum comfort.

Plus, wherever you go, you’ll fit in.   The mall…the finest clubs and restaurants… to church Sunday morning…takin’ the kids to school on Monday…even volunteering at the soup kitchen.

Thanks to the LS’ conservative styling, you’ll fit in without looking ostentatious ….and 10 years from now, your LS probably won’t look all that dated even then.

Now….in spite orf all this emphasis on comfort and ride quality, the LS is not a “boat”. It delivers excellent performance from it’s 386 HP, 4.6 liter V-8 and 8-speed auto…plus a poised and well-controlled ride.   If one were to have to make a run from Atlanta to LA and back, something like the LS 460 would be on the top of the list, in fact.

So…what’s the price of admission?    We’ll start it at $72,885 including destination fees.  16 City and 24 HWY MPG’s.    We actually averaged around 21, which for a big V8 in an Atlanta commute, is pretty darned impressive!

All-Wheel Drive will set you back an additional $2,945 and it’ll cost you one HWY MPG.

If you’re looking for a bit sportier LS, an “F-Sport” package will give you upgraded suspension pieces, along with additional trim, for around an extra $10,000.

If you clean out your garage, an LS should fit with no problem.

If you’d like to stretch that to the limit, another $6,300 will get you an “L” version….giving you an extra 5 inches in length…mostly for the enjoyment of your rear-seat passengers…and making the “L” even more limo-like.

And if that’s not enough, Lexus makes a $120,000+ Hybrid LS…..the 600h L….which will get you a 5-liter V-8 + battery power…giving it the equivalent of 438 HP…20 MPG….and making it capable of a 5.6 second zero-to-60….all with a special interior that would make a Roman emperor weep with envy!IMGP9211IMGP9212IMGP9213IMGP9214IMGP9217


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