Atlanta Falcons Rookies come together. (Photo Credit: Todd Kirkland/Getty Images Sport)

Atlanta Falcons Rookies come together. (Photo Credit: Todd Kirkland/Getty Images Sport)

In the seemingly quiet period of the NFL, you know that period of time between the NFL Draft and the remaining free agent signings, one is left to shape their teams from pure, unadulterated fandom and speculation. Even the so-called experts on the subject are left to merely guess on what their team is going to do. It is no different for the Atlanta Falcons who trimmed vital parts of a team in Michael Turner and Dunta Robinson that reached the NFC Championship last season but went on to add key free agents in Steven Jackson and Osi Umenyiora who they hope will take this team to the Championship level so desperately wanted by this franchise. Past Superbowl Champions contain certain elements that led to their hoisting of the Lombardi Trophy; consistency, identity, and getting hot at the right time. The question is do Falcons fans like how their team is comprised or is being comprised. Is this team doing what it takes to build a champion, not just a winner?

I will now throw my hat into the ring of fandom for a second. I will never be the number one expert of anything just a very good study, giving you thorough analysis. This Atlanta Falcons Football Team is a consistent winner that has finally gotten over the “hump” of winning a playoff game with this core group. I believe mentally this is their best shot a winning a championship. I love the acquisitions of Jackson and Umenyiora, along with the draft picks of Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford. I am actually growing to love even more the matchup of players to coach with the drafting of Malliciah Goodman and Stansly Maponga because I believe those picks were specific to Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan’s background in teaching defense. However, I think the Birds are taking a huge risk in releasing Tyson Clabo because consistency in the trenches is paramount for winning, especially in January and hopefully in February. The offensive line unit must step up using some new personnel for this team to take the next step. I also believe the acquisition of a space-eating defensive tackle would be great for this team. Peria Jerry has not been what the Falcons have hoped, whether it be due to injury or him not reaching his potential for the franchise. A space-eating or pass rushing defensive tackle would be tremendous for this team.

Overall, this team has the making of a Championship squad. It contains the consistent winning attitude along with great ownership. I believe this team has the identity of being a quick strike, high octane offensive juggernaut, that can get points in bunches. The final piece for this team is getting hot at the right time. This regime has been very consistent in winning, now it has to get hot during playoff time, clicking on all cylinders. Do you believe the Atlanta Falcons Franchise have comprised a championship team? We will all witness it this season!

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