The Blue Bullet

Let’s be clear.   The Volvo S60 T6 AWD R would be a bullet in any color, OK?

But the “Bad Boy Blue” that our test car came in takes “Blue” to a whole ‘nother level!

Volvo’s S60 series starts as a perfectly sensible 4-Door with a 2.5 liter, 250 HP 5-cylinder, 6-speed auto…available with either front, or all-wheel drive.   And while “perfectly sensible”, the aerodynamic S60 is nothing like the boxy Volvos of old.

This version lists for $32,790 including destination charges…and is rated at 21 city and 30 highway.

Now….want to go a bit faster?   The “T” is your ticket.  The “T” trades the 2.5 for a 3.0 liter turbo 6 and all-wheel-drive….and pretty much makes it a radically different vehicle.    Faster.   Sharper handling.   Better braking.    $41,545.

Or….if you’d like to chase….or perhaps beat…a few BMW’s, the 325 HP “R”  will get the job done in leather-lined luxury….and with a growl when you punch the throttle, kick it down two gears, and positively lunge ahead.

The “R” is one quick machine,.   Definitely for those who demand “fast” and dance to the beat of their own fashion drum.

Which takes us back to the Blue.  If you’re seriously old-school, you may remember the  “Richard Petty Blue”  that covered his # 43.

This is that kind of blue.   Actually drew more attention than red or bright yellow…and actually got a fair number of nods of approval from a number of fashion-forward citizens walking the streets.

And this Volvo has the street creds to be any color it wants.   It’s the real deal.

Explosive acceleration, excellent brakes, solid suspension…all wrapped in glove-soft leather with aluminum trim.   Summer tires had a lot to do with the confidence-inspiring performance.  Meaty, soft, semi-race-looking Continentals that hang onto the road like a cat with it’s claws in a sweater.

Our $45,495 S60 T6  AWD R Has pretty much everything you’d expect:  heated leather front seats, pass-thru rear seats ( can’t be a true Volvo without provisions to carry skis ), moonroof, Bluetooth, high-performance audio, 7” color monitor, 18” alloys, air filtration and more.

Mileage?   Rated at 18 – 25.   However, boxed into 65 MPH heavy freeway traffic, we got an indicated 30+ for a short stretch.

And in typical Volvo fashion, the S60 is 5-star crash-rated.  Top-rated for frontal, side and roll-over.  Some things never change.

The Volvo S60 T…in”R” trim.     Speed, safety, style.   Get it in Blue and you’ll stand out, too!IMGP9193IMGP9194IMGP9197IMGP9198


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