The NFL Draft continues tonight with the second and third round, followed by the fourth-seventh rounds tomorrow. As important as getting a great player in the first round is to a franchise, finding value picks later in the draft is just as vital for championship aspirations. Here’s a list of ten notable Atlanta Falcons players drafted after the first round.

Ken Reaves

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Year: 1966

Drafted: 49th overall (round 4)

College: Norfolk State

Position: Safety

Career Highlights: Reaves was one of the original Falcons and spent the first eight years of his 12 year career in Atlanta.

Greg Brezina

Year: 1968

Drafted: 275th overall (11th round)

College: Houston

Position: Linebacker

Career Highlights: Played 12 seasons for the Falcons and went to the 1969 Pro Bowl.

Jeff Van Note

Year: 1969

Drafted: 262nd overall (11th round)

College: Kentucky

Position: Center

Career Highlights: Played 18 seasons with the Atlanta Falcons and was named to five Pro Bowls.

Elbert Sheeley

Year: 1987

Drafted: 292nd overall (11th round)

College: Arkansas State

Position: Defensive Back

Career Highlights: Played his entire 10 year career in Atlanta and went to four Pro Bowls as a special teams player.

Chuck Smith

Year: 1992

Drafted: 51st overall (second round)

College: Tennessee

Position: Defensive End

Career Highlights: Starter on the 1998 team that went to the Super Bowl. He recorded 52.5 career sacks during his eight seasons with the Falcons.

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Jamal Anderson

Year: 1995

Drafted: 201st overall (7th round)

College: Utah

Position: Running Back

Career Highlights: Led the NFC with 1,846 rushing yards in 1998.

Todd McClure

Year: 1999

Drafted: 231st overall (7th round)

College: LSU

Position: Center

Career Highlights: Helped the Falcons reach the postseason six times during his 14 year career.

Alge Crumpler

Year: 2001

Drafted: 35h overall (second round)

College: North Carolina

Position: Tight End

Career Highlights: Went to four consecutive Pro Bowls from 2003-2006. Crumpler had 2,983 receiving yards and 22 touchdown catches during that stretch.

Stephen Nicholas

Year: 2007

Drafted: 109th overall (round 4)

College: South Florida

Position: Linebacker

Career Highlights: Nicholas has been a regular starter for the Falcons over the last four years. He led the Falcons in tackles this past season.

Thomas Decoud

Year: 2008

Drafted: 98th overall (round 3)

College: California

Position: Safety

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Career Highlights: Decoud made six interceptions last year and has emerged as one of the better safeties in the NFL.