Lives Up To It’s Name

If you were actually going to go out and get a $68,000 vehicle muddy, the Range Rover Sport might be the one to take.

One reason?    It just looks ready….for anything.      And it is.

It’s chiseled, boxy shape with it’s aggressive fender-vents looks like it could be transporting a couple of forward-recon Marines.

But then inside it’s leather and wood and more leather and wood….along with a set of the toughest looking all-weather floor mats that I’ve ever seen.

And with it’s 5 liter, 375 HP V-8, permanent 4-wheel-drive, and 6-speed auto with “general”, “snow”, “mud”, “sand” and “rock” settings, plus it’s high-angle-of-approach and 7700 lb. towing capacity, the range Rover Sport can probably get you and your toys as far into the wild as you’d be comfortable going.

130 MPH top end and  7.3 seconds to 60.

The Sport is the “bargain” Range Rover…coming in around 28 thousand under the latest re-designed Range Rover.

What’s missing?  The new Range Rover’s larger and lighter aluminum body, it’s 8-speed auto…and it’s seat massagers….and a few other items.

What’s still there?   That go-anywhere-ability in fine-style that Range Rovers are known for.    And a 28 thousand dollar night on the town.

Our $68,135 Range rover Sport HSE included 20”alloys, Premium heated front and rear seats, heated windshield, steering wheel and washer jets, and 825 watt, 17-speaker…yes….17 speaker sound system…and quite a bit more.

Mileage?   13 city and 18 HWY…premium preferred.

Could you take this “Sport” down a 20-mile muddy road to nowhere and back?   Sure.   Every day, in fact.

Would I really want to get anything this good looking all that dirty?    No way.



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