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The draft is about smokescreens and Misinformation! “No were not interested in him”,”we don’t think he is as good as everyone says”,”he wasn’t that high on out draft board” Back in the day there was a group called “En Vogue” they had a song called “LIES” and that would be what takes place leading up to the NFL draft. NFL teams’ use of smoke and mirrors during this time of year, so don’t get to caught up in what your team is telling you, it’s likely they will go in another direction.


When the Seahawks surprisingly chose James Carpenter last year with the 25th pick in the Draft, John Schneider the Seahawks GM said, “We tried to stay under the radar with this guy. We told our group yesterday that we were very proud of them that his name never got out.” That sums up the NFL draft.

NFL Draft 2

Teams are constantly trying to feed reporters and media bad information. Be careful of you’re talking heads who say they know! Most don’t and NO team NO team is going to tell someone who doesn’t need to know what direction they are heading in. If you hear a talking head says they told me that player X is definitely our pick… it’s a lie! No team is going to tell anybody that with certainty. They don’t want, what they are thinking about a player out.

When teams go through their preliminary meetings with coaches and scouts, they’ll put a list together and say here’s 20 guys — anybody asks you about them, “We love this kid!” Nobody says anything negative, tell every reporter — if they have questions, talk about this kid.
Here’s 20 guys, I don’t ever want to hear their names mentioned outside of this room. This is the real world of the NFL. I have been privileged to have these meetings with movers and shakers in the NFL and even then I was lied to because even though we were cool, they still had to be careful that it didn’t come from him.

Enjoy the Draft, but know there is mis-direction going on all over the place!

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