Arrest Me Now!

It’s hard to behave in a Civic Si…but when it comes in fire-engine red, you kinda’ have to.

The Civic Si has always been one of the favorites among the low(er) cost / high(er)  performance crowd…for good reason.

It’s one fun ride.

Much like it’s main competitor, the VW GTI, the Si comes in both 2 and 4-door versions.   We had the “arrest me red” two-door version.

Much like it’s upscale country-club cousin, the Acura ILX 6-speed, the Si almost shifts by thought.   Smooth clutch, precise and effortless shifter, responsive brakes and steering.   What’s not to like?

Is it the fastest kid on the block?   No.   But you don’t have to be fastest to be “funnest”, now, do you?   And that’s what the Si is all about.   Fun.

Included in the Si’s $22,305 base price (including transportation) is a high-revving 201 HP 4-cylinder with 6-speed stick, a moonroof and 17” alloys.   Another $1,700 will add an XM 7-speaker stereo, nav with voice recognition and back-up cam, Bluetooth and Pandora interface.  Pretty much everything except leather….and the target market for the Si will probably be more interested in a leather smartphone cover as in leather seating.

You can get a four-door for just $200 more.

Mileage?     The Civic Si is rated at 22 city and 31 highway.   While I didn’t get a chance to check the actual mileage, I easily beat the 31 highway rating in the Si’s cousin, the Acura ILX.

In short, the Civic Si is for people who truly enjoy driving.    If that’s you, you just might want to pick out a less visible color than “arrest-me-red”!



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