ATLANTA (WAOK)-Murder and gang charges have been filed against former Georgia Tech and NBA basketball star Javaris Crittenton. Police say Crittenton, 25, is charged in the murder of a young Atlanta mother as part of a gang-related retaliation for an earlier armed robbery.

23-year-old Julian Jones was killed in a drive-by shooting in August 2011 as she walked with a group of friends in southwest Atlanta. Jones was not the intended target.

According to Fulton County Assistant District Attorney Gabriel Banks,  Crittenton was looking for Trontavious Stephens a member of R.O.C. Crew, a local set of the Bloods gang when Jones was shot. Crittenton believed Stephens was responsible for robbing Crittenton of several thousand dollars in jewelry.

The indictment also alleges that Crittenton became a member of the Los Angeles-based Mansfield Gangster Crips after he was drafted into the NBA by the LA Lakers in 2007.  Banks said professional athletes have been known to join street gangs for protection. Douglas Gamble a cousin of Crittenton is also charged with murder in the death of Julian Jones.

Crittenton played with the L.A. Lakers, the Memphis Grizzlies, the Washington Wizards and the Charlotte Bobcats. He is also known for being involved in a locker room gun incident with Gilbert Arenas that started over a card game.

Crittenton has been free on $230,000 bond in the 2011 shooting but may have to turn himself in now that he has been indicted for the murder of Jones.

Crittenton’s attorney, Brian Steel, says his client is not guilty in the shooting.


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