ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) — A new study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that one out of every five teenagers who gives birth is not a new mother.

The CDC, based in Atlanta, ultimately found that 66,800 teen births were “repeat teen births,” out of an estimated 365,000 teen births occurring annually in children ages 15 to 19.

“Repeat teen births — two or more pregnancies ending in a live birth before age 20 — can limit the mother’s ability to finish her education or get a job,” an article on the subject posted to the CDC’s website noted.

Researchers explained, “Teen mothers want to do their best for their health and their child’s, but some can become overwhelmed by life as a parent.”

Of the repeat teen births documented by the CDC study, which observed birth trends from 2010 in order to draw their conclusion, approximately 57,200 were said to be second births. Additionally, 8,400 were reportedly third births, and 1,200 were fourth births, or more.

Those involved in the study were especially concerned for the ramifications of repeat teen births on the health of the babies born from them.

“Babies born from a repeat teen birth are often born too soon or too small,” the article noted. “This can lead to more health problems for the baby.”

The information reportedly came from the Center’s National Vital Statistics System.


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