I saw Tyler Perry’s “Temptation” this weekend and I have concluded – or at least confirmed my prior belief – that money is intoxicating. Especially for women.

Add in things like the attention a man with money can give you because he can whisk you away on a private plane or at least put you in first class for a quick, weekend getaway.

Add the extra people that will be around to serve you because he is well-known (not even necessarily famous) and everyone around him who wants to make sure he stays happy at all times. (Their employment depends on it).

Add the fancy, fast, luxury vehicle that makes you want to exercise and get your body right so you can wear super-high heels and short skirts for the fun you are about to have in and around that vehicle.

Add the access his money provides in restaurants, concerts, private clubs and members-only establishments.

Add in the thrill of finally being able to have a man that lets you buy whatever you want, whenever you want.

Attention from a man with money can be addictive.

What woman doesn’t want that? ESPECIALLY when you have never experienced that before in a dating situation, or you are not getting either the attention or the money at home.

But here’s the challenge: The things a man with money can buy, the attention he will give you, CAN HAVE YOU CHANGING YOUR BEHAVIOR!

It can have you doing things you never thought you would do.

Let’s examine: When a woman first meets a man, she is assessing his physical presence, the way people react to him, his overall swagger, whether he is financially sound and how he spends his money.

Is he generous with his attention, affection and American Express? (That can be assessed in a conversation, a dinner date, a simple outing).

For a man, he looks to see if he wants to sleep with you. First thing. Are you hot enough for him to want to take off your clothes and get busy. (He will assess if you are a smart girl second. Or third. Or never.)

Ladies, you really hold the keys to what happens next.

If the money, the attention, the lifestyle, the possibility of him changing your entire existence is the only thing you can think about, you have entered the danger zone!

BEWARE from this point on. You have been gotten!

I was especially disturbed in the movie when the main character Judith was so easily swayed by the male character after only a day trip to New Orleans and a ride on a private plane.

Is that all it takes?! Wasn’t she worth so much more than that?

He gave her every signal he was a controlling nut case, but she STILL wanted in!

Ladies, what does that say about our willingness to ignore what we know for the benefits of what we don’t know or think we want?

What does it say about how much we are willing to compromise our morals for money?

Some women think the ride is worth it – even if the thrill is temporary or shared with three other women. You find yourself trying sexual tricks that would have been off limits for the guy you dated who worked at Georgia Power.

Or you may compromise your dignity – a lot. But for this high roller, you might consider things never thought of before.

Don’t think I am categorizing any one woman that falls prey to this, or that all men with money will be dogs. I happen to know some very wealthy men who treat their mates like princesses.

I also know many a doctor, lawyer, secretary, dental assistant, dancer, aerobics instructor or unemployed girlfriend who would shave their bodies hairless if it attracted the baller dude they are seeking.

I don’t want women abused, thrown around, convinced to take drugs or have multiple sex partners because a man will take care of you if you do all that. Even if he only wants you to do it once or twice; that’s too much!

Instead, how about judging a man for more than how fat his wallet is or if he can take you out in a Ferrari.

If he has one, great. But if said Ferrari driver doesn’t return your phone calls, that’s not an invitation to stand at his doorstep and wait for him to get home.

Instead, be aware of the signals and signs that he is not ever going to make you a priority.

He will just buy things that make you think he is.

Mo Ivory, CBS Local

(Credit: Sonia Murray/CBS Local)

(Credit: Sonia Murray/CBS Local)


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