On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques- White we had Talk Back Friday, and as always we allowed you to talk about all the hot topics from the week as well as the whatever you brought up. We asked the question, Do you believe in Jesus’ resurrection? Are you religious, just believe in God or not any type of religious and don’t believe in God? Also, Kansas City legislation wants to quarantine people with diseases? Should they be allowed to quarantine those with aids or hiv? And we also asked the question, who is more at fault in a rape case such as the one in Ohio where the teens were drunk and the female blacked out? The female for going alone and drinking or the boys for raping her or both? We also had on relationship specialist and author Kenny Pugh to talk about him being 7 years celibate and more.

Listen to the breaks here:

Break 1:
Break 2:
Break 3:
Break 4:
Break 5:
Break 6:


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