By Jean Ross

ATLANTA (WAOK)-The National Weather Service has confirmed that an EF-2 tornado packing winds of 120 miles per hour touched down along the Pike-Meriwether county line Monday night.  The 13-mile path of the twister left nearly three dozen homes heavily damaged.

The storm caused two deaths in Georgia according to the Georgia Emergency Management Agency. Eight people were injured. One person died in Polk County when a tree fell on a car; the second was killed in Talbot County after a vehicle swerved to avoid a downed tree.

Homes and cars were damaged in Polk County, where a store was destroyed and 12 homes were damaged in Floyd County.

Several home and automobile owners reported damage from hail. The Better Business Bureau and the state Insurance Commissioner’s office urge those effected by hail damage to be very careful hiring contractors to fix the damage.

In a statement, Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Ralph Hudgens said vehicles damaged by hail are typically covered by the comprehensive and collision portions of insurance policies, and home roof damage is usually covered by homeowner’s policies. The commissioner urged consumers to keep accurate records of all repair-related expenses for insurance claims, and to avoid disposing of damaged property until after it had been examined by an insurance adjuster.

At least one automobile dealership is offering a deal on hail damaged cars since the storm. Every vehicle at the Nissan South dealership was damaged, according to store officials. Vehicles have broken windows and dents from the hail but that could mean a great price on a vehicle for you.Sales Manager Chris White said that the dealership would offer customers a deal  — $100 a ding — on the vehicles impacted by the hail.


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