ATLANTA (WAOK/AP)-A proposed gun law has changed as it makes it way through the Georgia House. Guns would not be allowed by default in bars and churches, though they could be carried on college campuses under a bill backed by House lawmakers.

The legislation approved by the House Public Safety Committee is part of a back-and-forth conflict between the House and Senate.

House lawmakers largely gutted a Senate bill proposed by the National Rifle Association. In its place Tuesday, they added a more sweeping House proposal supported by GeorgiaCarry.Org.

Republican Rep. Rick Jasperse abandoned provisions allowing people with a license to carry a firearm to take their guns into bars and churches unless the owners objected. Church leaders can now decide whether people can carry weapons on their property.

Church leaders can now decide whether people can carry weapons on their property. Public college leaders have opposed provisions allowing licensed students to carry weapons on parts of campuses.

On the national fight for gun control, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is also now rejecting an assault weapons ban in Senate legislation on gun control.  Reid said he aims to put legislation on the Senate floor that may have a chance of overcoming Republican filibusters.  The bill’s primary sponsor, California Democrat Dianne Feinstein [[ FINE-styne ]], says she’s disappointed by the decision.



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