The NCAA Tournament officially begins tomorrow. Brackets will be filled out, upsets will occur, and Cinderellas will emerge. Here are some numbers to keep in mind before making your picks for the Big Dance.

O: The number of times a 16-seed has won a game.

1: The 1997 Arizona Wildcats are the only team to ever beat three number one seeds in the NCAA Tournament.

2: Cleveland State in 1986 and Chattanooga in 1997, are the only 14-seeds to advance to the Sweet Sixteen.

3: The first Final Four to not include a number one seed was in 1980. This occurred again in 2006 and in 2011, when a number one and two seed failed to reach the Final Four.

4: 2008 was the year of all-chalk when all the top seeds made the Final Four for the first and only time.

: 13-seeds have made it to the second week of action on five occasions, most recently with the Ohio Bearcats last year.

6: While a number one seed has never lost in the round of 64, a 15-seed has lost in their opening matchup on a half-dozen occasions.

7: How many times a team has run the table throughout the entire season, the last coming in 1976 with Indiana. A 10-seed has also advanced to the Elite Eight on seven occasions.

8: Villanova’s seed when Rollie Massimino’s squad won the 1985 Final Four, the lowest seed to ever cut down the nets.

9: How many times a team has entered the tournament without a loss and failed to cut down the nets.

10: Jimmy Valvano and Rollie Massimino both coached teams that won a national title, despite having double digits in the loss column.

11: Larry Brown’s Kansas team lost 11 games in 1988 during their run to the Final Four. Also, an eleventh seed has advanced to the Final Four on three occasions; LSU in 1986, George Mason in 2006, and VCU in 2011.

12-15: The Richmond Spiders have won a game in the NCAA Tournament as all of those seeds.

16: Number one seeds have had an 87.3% success rate of advancing to the Sweet Sixteen since 1985.

20: The most losses ever for a team entering the tournament. Liberty would have to win six games in this year’s tournament to end the year with a winning record.

112: The total number of losses the 16 seeds have against the number one seeds.

$100 million: The estimated amount of money legally wagered on during the first four days of the NCAA Tournament in Las Vegas.

$10 billion: The estimated amount of total money wagered on the entire NCAA Tournament.

9,223,372,036,854,775,808: The number of ways the bracket could play out once the round of 64 begins on Thursday. That’s over nine quintillion possibilities.


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