ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – An unlicensed acupuncturist is facing charges after reportedly infecting 16 people with HIV through his illegal practice.

The suspect, 53-year-old Maurice Goeller of Switzerland, was also a music teacher.

He was recently seen before a five-judge panel of judges in the Bern-Mitelland regional court in relation to the incidents that are said to have infected the victims – all of which occurred between 2001 and 2005, according to United Press International.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta claims that needle sticks are among some of the most common  means of transmitting the virus that causes AIDS, though the vast majority of those cases are said to be traced back to injection drug users.

A prosecutor working on the case allegedly learned that Goeller solicited most of his victims from his pool of music students.

The operation began to crumble in 2005, the website learned, when a former patient of his named Thomas Kaiser told doctors that only Goeller’s acupuncture could have infected him after learning of his HIV positive status.

The investigation following Kaiser’s allegations led authorities to 15 other HIV-infected patients who also accused the educator of malpractice.

Goeller, however, has maintained his innocence, according to UPI.


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