Oh, Kendra…


OK, first things first: Thank you for reading and responding to my article. I am proud of you and all of the energy and contributions you’ve brought to CBS Radio Atlanta in the months you have been here.

You are like a bolt of sunshine…

With a really long weave.

Now let me address your remarks. When you said that you love your weave and probably have six packs in your head, I immediately dropped to my knees, summoned the new Pope and began praying for the health of your scalp and real hair.

Kendra! When, my sister, will your scalp breathe?

Is the fire department close to you aware of the emergency situation you have put yourself in?

(I’M hot and itching all of a sudden!)

Anyway, I started “Who’s Hiding Under Your Weave” with a mention that it was Women’s History Month because I planned to address issues that focus on women in my blogs during the month of March.

It had no reference to your being or not being a history-making black woman.

I implore you – GO MAKE HISTORY!

And Real Hair vs. Hair Weaves HAS NOT become the new Dark Skin vs. Light Skin conversation!

You see, we have no power over whether we will be born one shade or another. It comes from our DNA, our historical genes, our family lineage. So, we don’t make a choice to be light or dark – unless you use products to change your appearance, and that is not what you were referring to.

The real truth is, you make a choice to alter your appearance with six packs of weave. You were not born like that.

(Can I see the hair you were born with one day? I bet it’s beautiful).

And may I add, when I decided to write the blog, it was not to judge anyone but to ask the question: Why are we so addicted to weaves?

I never said that I was making any judgment on women who do. But if your reaction was that, it makes me wonder why?

Are you sure you didn’t feel that way because you have your own judgments about why you wear someone else’s hair on your head?

You said your hair is conducive to your lifestyle, career and exercise routine. I can accept that. (And I like that you mentioned there are women who have the same lifestyle as yours and choose not to wear a weave).

Finally, your bottom line was that you wear a weave because you want to. And I think that is part of it; but I believe there is more…

You said whether your weave is in or not, you are still the baddest chick on earth.

I agree.

So can I see you without it?

And to make it interesting, I’ll even put a weave in (for as long as I can last without scratching my scalp out) if you take yours out?

Game on?

Oh – and on the Martin Luther King quote in relationship to weaves, now that was just a stretch; but absolutely hysterical.

Let me know when I need to go buy my packs of hair and I’ll bring the scissors for you to take yours out. You know where my office is.

Mo Ivory, CBS Local

(Credit: Sonia Murray/CBS Local)

(Credit: Sonia Murray/CBS Local)


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