It’s so wonderful when I can spend time with my daughter Janie, doing something we both enjoy; going to concerts, listening to music and being with friends.

On Saturday we went to a screening of Mindless Behavior’s new movie “All Around The World.” I have loved these young men since the first time I met them in late 2011. They have always been so pleasant, so welcoming to their fans, so humble, so hard-working and so polite.

They arrived at the movie theater to introduce the movie and they were as cute as ever. They are actually growing up in front of our eyes. They are taller, more mature and as darling as ever. The movie had me singing, dancing, crying and cheering.

It tells the story of how they were each chosen to be in Mindless Behavior, the journey of their families and the human side of being on the road as a child.

I felt like they were my kids as I watched the film. I turned to my 14-year-old daughter – she was watching so intently – and at the end, she shared her thoughts.

It made her respect MB even more. She declared, however, that it didn’t change her mind: Roc Royal was still her favorite. And her girlfriend Ariel still loves Prodigy.

We laughed, we took pictures, we had a great afternoon. And in that movie theater I realized something that made me so happy: Mindless Behavior is to my daughter what New Edition was to me.

I grew up loving New Edition. I STILL love New Edition. I don’t miss a New Edition concert or a BBD concert, to this day.

I was going to marry Ronnie DeVoe! I had it all planned, and it didn’t matter how many Ralph Tresvant fans lived in my building in the Bronx, it was me and Ronnie all the way.

To this day, if I see him at the station or out in Atlanta, I still feel like a teenage fan trying to get a picture and awkwardly nervous. I guess that happens when you have someone’s Right On poster over your bed throughout your teen years.

What makes me so happy about the existence of Mindless Behavior is knowing that my daughter will grow up with a group that she can respect, adore, dream of and sing along with.

Then, as they mature together, she will be able to enjoy them into her 20s, 30s and beyond. Her old-school concert invite will sound like this: “Ariel! Girl, MB is going on tour! Get a babysitter and pull out your MB shirt from 2013, we are going to the show!”

For now, we will rock out with MB together.

And guess what, since she’s been raised by me, she also already knows that she’s a “Candy Girl”!

Mo Ivory, CBS Local

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