Feminine Curves + Manly Muscle!

The Jaguar XF, like it’s BMW 5-Series and Mercedes E-Class competitors, offers a huge palette of options and models….the Jag just seems to do it with an extra serving of sex, sass, and sport!

You’ll sit a little lower in the Jag…you’ll probably be surrounded with a little more luxurious interior…and you’ll likely be tempted to drive it just a little bit faster.

The XF, like one of it’s German competitors, can be had for under 50K….with a 2.0 liter, 240 HP four-cylinder rated at 30 Hwy MPG….all flowing through an 8-speed auto.   And you won’t be shortchanged in the base edition, either.   18” alloys, heated leather seating, sunroof, rosewood accents, three-stage heated seats, heated steering, 250-watt / 10-speaker sound and Xenon lights are all part of the deal.

I’d suggest that you ante up another three grand and get the 300 HP superchargedV-6.  It’ll do 0-60- in 5-7 seconds and still get 28 MPG on the highway.   We actually got 30 caught in heavy, but steady 65 MPH traffic….and averaged 22.5 overall…on premium.

All-Wheel-Drive will add another $3k….and cut your HWY mileage a couple of MPG.

The supercharger keeps this engine “on-the-ready” at all times.  Virtual instant acceleration whenever you punch it.   The “Sport” setting on the transmission dial selector is almost redundant.   The supercharged V-6 seems to be in Sport mode from the moment that you punch “Start”.   But yes….”Sport” will keep your revs up and keep the XF ready to leap all that much faster.

Need to go even faster?

Jag offers a couple of V-8’s that will bump up your performance considerably.

We’re talkin’ 0-60 times in the 4.7 or 4.9 second range.   They’ll cost you a good 5 HWY MPG, however….and a between $15 and $33K…depending upon options.

Wicked fast?   Yes?    Do you really “need” the V-8’s?    Only if you’ve gotta’ be the fastest kid on the block.   The supercharged V-6 will already have you looking for “Track Days” at your local race track….and since the 6 is a little lighter, it should handle a little better, too.

One feature that comes standard on the V-6 is a gas-saving automatic engine cut-off when stopped.   Depending upon how much stop-and-go you do, this’ll save you a little gas.   It’s a bit of a surprise until you get used to it….you brake to a stop and all of a sudden your engine goes silent….but it automatically re-starts when you lift off of the brake.

More and more vehicles will be going in this direction in years to come.   Anything to save gas.

If you’re looking for a luxury sport sedan that everyone else is not already driving, give Jag a look.   And speaking of “looks”….the XF did attract a bit more attention than one would receive pulling up in a more traditional ride….and most people who gave it a good look guessed that it cost a good 10 – 15K more than it did.


Jaguar Side

2011 Jaguar XF luxury sedanJaguar XF Interior Pic

  1. Themba says:

    Il love to test drive xf i love jag carz thy are my dream carz id love to drive one

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