Mark Richt and Aaron Murray  (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

Mark Richt and Aaron Murray (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

Georgia Bulldogs Head Coach Mark Richt checked in with Game Time today to discuss several topics. He addressed the concerns of Dawgs fans who grumbled about some top Georgia HS players getting away, and spoke about his recent hip surgery and his ongoing recovery. “I’m doing well, I’ve been off crutches two weeks after the surgery,” he said, “and I’ve been able to increase my workouts and get better.  The doctor said what you can do without it bothering you, go for it.

In regards to the recruiting class, “We weren’t happy about some of the (kids) one we lost, but we signed a great class – the largest class we’ve signed since I’ve been here – 33 guys.”

(about Todd Grantham interviewing for other jobs) – “I’m trying to push them out of the door, but if there’s an opportunity for a coach to improve himself, I just want to be updated as to what’s going on.  I like stability, I don’t like to lose coaches, but I understand.  If we lose a coach, there’s going to be folks pounding my phone and my door for jobs.  Hey, I left Florida State after 15 years, so you can’t blame someone for looking into another situation.”

He also talked about the Ogletree brothers, Alec and Alex. Alec was recently arrested for DUI and is projected as a first-round draft pick. His brother Alexander, a back-up fullback, will be leaving the team due to medical reasons.

Hear the whole interview below:


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