Today marks the one year anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin. In honor of his memory, thousands of people gathered across the nation, including in Atlanta, to remember his death. The Florida teen was fatally shot by neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman, during an altercation. The death of the unarmed teen sparked national debate about gun laws and racial profiling. As for George Zimmerman, he remains out of sight until his trial, which is scheduled for June in Florida. Meanwhile, Trayvon’s parents both say that they are ready for justice to be served. During a vigil in New York City, Tracy Martin said that they will not give up fighting for their son.  “This is the one year anniversary of his death. It’s a somber day for us, but it’s also a day of peace for us, because we know as parents we’ve done all that we can do to make our children’s lives right,” he said. “The wounds have not been healed, but we’re working on healing the wounds.”