Governor Nathan Deal suspended two-thirds of DeKalb County’s school board Monday, plunging the state’s third-largest school district deeper into a leadership limbo as it faces a threat to its accreditation.

Do you agree with his decision?  Parents in Dekalb County are outraged. According to the AJC, Tanya Graham, whose daughters attend Arabia Mountain High School, said she would have preferred to see the six board members go on probation. Now she worries Deal will appoint replacements who are unfamiliar with the county’s needs. “In order to address problems, you have to take time to physically visit and see what’s going on,” said Graham, who is president of the Arabia Mountain High PTSA.

Nine year old, 4th grade rapper “Lil’ Poopy” is featured in his rap video smacking a GROWN woman on her behind.  His single entitled “Pop That”  features the young rapper flashing wads of cash, hanging in the club and riding around in fancy cars.  A concerned citizen called and  reported his father to the Department of Child Services who is now investigating the parents for child endangerment and abuse.

Additionally, today is the one year anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death after Florida neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman fatally shot the 17-year-old while he walked home from a convenience store. We asked the question, has much changed since Trayvon’s death?


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