“Small” is the next Big Thing!

A couple of years ago, I was able to have lunch with noted economist Dr. Randy Humphries of the SeligCenter at UGA.

I asked him: “Doc…what’s the next “Big Thing”?   And he simply said “Small”.

Smart guy.

Look at what’s happened to your cell phone in the last few years.  Tablets.   Nanotechnology.    And now, finally, vehicles.

The 2013 Buick Encore proves the point perfectly.

This new baby Buick SUV has a truly enviable list of features for just a hair over 30K.

What’s it’s secret?   It’s small.   Now….it’s big enough to carry four people very comfortably, but it’s still on the small side….built, in fact, off of Chevy’s Sonic platform.

But the really impressive part of what GM has done is what all they’ve packed into this “sensibly-sized” little SUV.

Let’s start with the engineering.   The Encore has GM’s excellent little 1.4 Turbo connected to a 6-speed auto.   Consumer reports may have questioned this engine….as to whether the Turbo really performed much better that a non-turbo.

I have no questions.   It’s about “fun”, guys.  The Turbo feels ready to roll at the slightest tap of the pedal.   It makes the Encore a real delight to drive….and I still got 30+ MPG in a week-long commute.

The suspension is the other area that GM obviously gave a lot of attention.   The Encore soaks up bumps well, yet still delivers a composed and well-controlled ride.  Excellent, drama-free brakes, too.

Buick figures that the Encore might be an excellent “empty-nester” vehicle.

I agree, but singles, couples, and perhaps one-child families may be cheating themselves if they don’t put the Encore on their radar.

Why?  In addition to the previously mentioned performance and handling, a top-of-the-line “Premium” Encore will give you:   Attractive heated leather interior, heated steering wheel, lane-departure warning, forward collision alert, rear-view camera, tire-pressure monitor, laminated glass and noise-cancellation technology, rain-sensing wipers, dual-zone air, 18” chromed aluminum wheels, nav, and more….all for $30,925.

30K is right at the price of the average new vehicle these days.

The Encore is not your average vehicle.   It gives you virtually every feature and amenity that you’d expect in a large luxury ride today…but gives it to you in a smaller and much more maneuverable size.

Some people need more room.  Some don’t need as much.   If you’re on of those who can live smaller, but don’t want to give up any luxury features, give the Encore look.

In addition to better mileage, you’ll enjoy being able to swing in and out of parking spaces with a single flick of the wrist!IMGP8837IMGP8838IMGP8839IMGP8842IMGP8841IMGP8840


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