Did he say I can’t control my actions around you, or erections? WTH!

Ah, the words every women wants to hear: “I may not be able to control my erections.”

I listened to it five times, so I could be clear what Fitz was telling his mistress Olivia Pope after 10 months of not seeing her and it was clear: Basically, “I can’t control my hard-ons around you, but that’s all it is. So if you don’t mind, please promptly turn around and throw your booty in the air so we can get this completed.”

And she promptly did so.

What is wrong with Olivia Pope and why is she losing her high-priced value?

On the one hand, she thinks folks “can’t afford her.” On the other hand, she costs nothing at all and behaves no better than a prostitute – who by the way gets paid handsomely in Washington, D.C. .

Fitz is clearly going through a metamorphosis that can only end badly. He’s falling apart at the seams. He needs his wife in the shower on her knees and his mistress in the closet from behind.

(Wow, that President’s office makes a man very powerful and desirable, I guess.)

What next for Olivia Pope? Pregnancy? Biracial baby? Child support from the President? Joint playdates for the babies? This is getting insane!

And what’s the fascination with white men? Is that all she wants to date?

Poor Edison.

By the way, note to ladies: When you come back from having sex from behind in a closet, take a shower before you sit on your sofa and make plans for a new date. Just saying.

Olivia Pope is losing her swag – fast.

Just because you have a great job, great clothes and know how to swim, does not mean you have class!

Mo Ivory, CBS Local

Need Even More “Scandal”?


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