I arrived when he told me to, they had my name at the door and I was allowed in immediately.

I was told to stand and wait, so I did.

First, we prayed, then we sang and then…he spoke to me. Directly to me.

OK, so what if there were 300 other people in the room.


I have always loved him. (Cue the Whitney Houston song).

Right after I got over the fact that Hillary Clinton wasn;t going to win against this smooth brother from Chicago, he had my heart.

Today, he was in Decatur, Ga. to promote his early education initiatives mentioned in the State of the Union speech, and to specifically congratulate Georgia teachers who have been committed to educating children.

I missed the message completely – I was staring too hard.

There is something about him, something that puts you in a trance; he’s so cool, so handsome, so IN CHARGE.

I know he’s married; but can’t a single girl dream the impossible?

On this Valentine’s Day, I was happy to be covering the President’s visit, laughing when he talked about getting home today so he could go on date night with the First Lady and being grateful that the world sees an image of a black man who can be admired for loving his children, honoring his wife and making us proud to be Americans.

As he finished his speech and began to walk the rope line, I yelled “I Love You President Obama!”

He looked up, our eyes met and for the second in time we connected in a way he and I could only know. (Or maybe it was the Secret Service Agent standing next to him. Doesn’t matter).

The point is… On February 14, 2013, I spent Valentine’s Day with President Obama.

I’m good.


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