CBS President and CEO Leslie Moonves joined Game Time live from New Orleans. He talked about the planning that went into this year’s Super Bowl broadcast, “Literally the day after last year’s Super Bowl, we began a gameplan for this year’s Super Bowl,” said Moonves. “What is great that every resource of this company is here, and for CBS, it’s one of our greatest moments. This is by far the biggest event we’ve ever put on. The world and technology has changed for everyone, and we hope to continue to grow from our last time televising this game (three years ago).

Moonves also addressed what role CBS plays in the halftime show selection and pre and post game programming. “It’s the NFL’s call (on the halftime show) and the last time we had the opportunity to choose the performer, we all know what happened there (the Janet Jackson incident). Unfortunately in 2004, we were to blame (laughing).”

Regarding the post-game programming, “In previous Super Bowls, we’ve started shows after the game, and this year, this one (“Elementary”) is one we hope will propel the program for years to come.”


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