Falcons Coach Mike Smith stopped by the Game Time broadcast from Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans. Coach Smith reflected on this season and how proud he is of what the Falcons accomplished this year. He talked about what the Falcons would need to do in the offseason to improve.

“I think you have to back to the third quarter and we had to burn a timeout unnecessarily,” Smith said. We stopped ourselves a couple of times and we’ve had comeback wins several times this season with Matt (Ryan) leading the way. There are so many dynamics that come into play in a football game, it’s hard to be here right now (instead of playing in the Super Bowl).

“As I said many times, we’re not about winning “a” playoff game. We have higher expectations in our organization.”

(in relation to next season) – “We know at the end of a season, there will be changes. We have a number of free agents, and we have a lot of players to sign to supplement our roster. The main thing this season is the draft and we have all of our picks, and we’re just getting started in the process.”

“It stings (after the loss) and it’s a process and I want everyone to know we’re doing everything we can to get better. And as the head coach, we will have a new blueprint in place to get to that next level.”


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