Mo is still going strong, Hillary Clinton for President 2016! And Mo’s not alone on this movement, a Superpac has already submitted their application for Clinton’s 2016 campaign. On the heals of a candid 60 minutes interview with President Obama and Secretary of  State Hillary Clinton, an article comes out questioning, Would Hillary Clinton would be a better President for African Americans than President Obama is?

MO- 1-29-13–2

MO- 1-29-13–3

MO- 1-29-13–4

MO- 1-29-13–5

MO- 1-29-13–6

SO000924Also is Gay the “new” Black? When you talk about equality is it more about supporting equal rights for the LGBT community or about safe netting the money that is spent by this community?

MO- 1-29-13–7

MO- 1-29-13–8

MO- 1-29-13–9

MO- 1-29-13–10

MO- 1-29-13–11


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