Mo’s back from a well rested weekend topped off with a little fun hanging out with Charlie Wilson at the Trumpet Awards. Make sure to check out the pictures of all the fun Mo had on her Facebook Page.

Now to the business at hand, President Obama and exiting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat down in a very endearing interview on CBS’ 60 minutes last night. Of course Mo was glued to the televison as if it were election night coverage all over again. President Obama shared his appreciation for the tireless commitment of Hillary and equally she shared how honored she was for the opportunity to serve alongside President Obama.

After FYMF’s heated debated over whether it’s a good idea that woman can serve in combat positions in the military, Mo up the stakes by asking if that means woman should be required to sign up for the selective service when they turn 18? Better yet what about a mandatory 24 month enlisting of all 18 years in a service role for the US?

MO- 1-28-13–2

MO- 1-28-13–3

MO- 1-28-13–4

MO- 1-28-13–5

MO- 1-28-13–6

MO- 1-28-13–7

MO- 1-28-13–8

MO- 1-28-13–9

MO- 1-28-13–10

MO- 1-28-13–11


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