WOMEN IN THE MILITARYIt’s Free Your Mind Friday on The Mo Ivory Show. Who would of know that listeners would get this charged over some of the things Mo decided to Free Her Mind about.

Woman being allowed to serve in combat in the militarty, Families in Georgia using ADHD diagnosis falsely to give there children and “unfair” advantage in the classroom, and Mike Tyson’s making his television debut on SVU, but get this he’s playing a convicted rapist!? Is that art imitating life? There’s an online petition already started to remove Mike Tyson from the cast. What’s the problem people? Why can’t Mike just get on with his life? He did the time already and besides, he’s always stated he was setup, right?

MO- 1-25-13–A

MO- 1-25-13–B

MO- 1-25-13–C

MO- 1-25-13–D

MO- 1-25-13–E

MO- 1-25-13–F




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