Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Rams

Former Falcon Gerald Riggs spent 10 years in the NFL and is a three time Pro Bowl Running Back. Riggs joined GameTime to talk about what the Falcons can do to beat San Francisco this weekend and his thoughts on the young QB’s that are dominating the league. In regards to Falcons QB Matt Ryan and Niners QB Colin Kaepernick, Riggs had this to say, “I think this is one of those things that was destined to happen, to find QBs who would be the fit for certain offenses. Every year you hear about these guys who come out, have the big names, from the big schools, and they do a whole lotta nothing.” Riggs continues, “a guy like Kaepernick, he comes from Nevada, and no one really looks at him, or his school as being big, and he’s done something and made something happen. And here you have Matt Ryan, coming from Boston College, he had all eyes on him.”  “The running quarterbacks, with the lead option, the NFL will figure that out eventually and for right now its a great novelty and gives a lot of excitement to the league.”

Listen to the full interview with Gerald Riggs below:


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