A comfortable mileage-champ!

We had the opportunity to test a new Altima with their 6-cylinder a while ago…and were quite impressed….so it was great to get the chance to test the “bread-and-butter” of their line….their 4-cylinder.

The Altima 4 is a 2.5 liter, 182 HP engine running thru a continuously-variable transmission…rated at 27 city and 38 highway MPG.

Altimas start as low as $21,760.  Our SV with leather, moonroof, nav, remote-start and more was right in the $30,000 range….which, BTW, is just about the average price for a vehicle these days.

The re-designed ’13 Altima doesn’t look “average”, tho’  It looks more like it’s up-town cousin, the Infiniti M 37…altho’ it’s got a bit of Lexus in the grill.

What it is, however, in 4-cylinder fashion, is a comfortable, attractive, high-mileage ride.   You pull up in a ’13 Altima, and you definitely won’t feel like you have to park in the back!

With leather, the Altima truly looks like a luxury car.   And for around 30K you can get most of the features found on today’s luxury cars.   But you’ll be getting 27 – 38 MPG….something that’s just not possible in the average luxury car.

A hybrid…yes…..but the average luxury car, no.

Something special about the ’13 Altima is their seats.  You spend quite a bit of time there, right?   The Altima’s seats are designed using NASA “zero-gravity” technology….something designed to keep astronauts comfortable during long flights in space.   It works.   You can put 6, 8, 10 hours behind the wheel of a new Altima and feel like jumping back in and going for more.

Your real decision with the new Altima is whether to go with the 6 or the 4.

Their 6 is so good…powerful yet economical….and their 4 gets such excellent mileage.

There’s around an 8 MPG difference on the highway…and a few thousand dollar difference on the window sticker.  Your call.

2013 Nissan Altima Front Interior2013 Nissan Altima Front


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