Going for another Car and Driver 10-Best

Car and Driver Magazine has had an annual “Ten Best” selection for maybe 30 or 40 years now…and Honda’s Accord has been selected one of those “Ten-Best” more often than not.

I’m guessing that the ’13 Accord will be no different.

What seems to set the Accord apart from so many good competitors are the little things…and the big things.   Feel, touch, engineering.

The knobs and switches move with precision….the steering has excellent road feel…the doors sound right….and the engine, suspension and transmission all feel like they’ve marinated together for just the right amount of time….like two-day-old spaghetti sauce….just hittin’ it’s sweet-spot!

Accords start at $22,470 for an “LX” with transportation…and come with a 185 HP 4-cylinder and a continuously variable transmission…all rated at 27 mpg city and 37 highway.

You’ll need to step up to an “EX” at $26,195 to get a moonroof…and you’ll also get “lane-watch” in the deal.   Lane-Watch gives you a subtle signal when you move out of your lane.   Like all of these systems….it’s a great safety feature for those sleepy late-night drives….and a bit of an annoyance when routinely passing and changing lanes on a long road trip.   Overall, a good feature that’ll save lives, tho’.

Just a couple stacks more and you’ll have an EX-L…with leather, heated seats, rear-view cam, forward-collision warning, a touch-screen and more.

Spring for $34,220 and you’ll have the top of their line….a “Touring” sedan with a V-6, LED headlights, and just about every other feature found on today’s luxury car.

We tested a “Sport” model, which was priced down toward the bottom of the range…$24,980 with the Continuously variable transmission.   The Sport is also the only Accord that’s available with a 6-Speed stick shift….saving you $800.

While we didn’t get a chanced to drive the stick, if it’s anywhere close to being as smooth as the stick in their Civic Si or the Acura iXL, it would be worth a look for you “old-schoolers” who still like to stir for yourselves.

The Sport comes with noise-cancellation technology…giving you a quiet ride, Bluetooth, rear-view cam, dual-zone air with filtration, a power drivers’ seat with lumbar support, and paddle-shifters for the automatic.

And while the Sport doesn’t offer leather, it does come with what appears to be a long-lasting and somewhat slick fabric on the seats.   All you girls who think you need leather to swing out of a vehicle without your skirts riding up will find the Accord Sport’s seats to be just as smooth as leather.

One word of caution:    Pick your Accord carefully if you plan to keep it for a while.   There’s a guy up in Maine with over a million miles on his Accord….and my accountant has a half-million miles on his.   Now, both of these guys have maintained their cars meticulously.   It’s not a slam-dunk to rack up that kind of mileage.   But it’s good to know that it’s possible, don’tcha’ think?

2013 Honda Accord Sport side

2013 Honda Accord Sport Interior

2013 Honda Accord Sport rear



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