TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (CBS Atlanta) – Even as coaching rumors could begin to swirl about a possible return to the NFL sidelines for Alabama coach Nick Saban, an ESPN analyst hopes his former team doesn’t bring on the coach, whom he described as being a liar.

ESPN’s Ron Jaworski made it very clear earlier in the week that he wishes the Philadelphia Eagles, his former team, stays away from luring Saban to be the team’s new coach.

With Andy Reid’s time in Philadelphia more than likely coming to an end, talk about his successor has been the popular subject on Philadelphia sports radio. During a segment on 97.5 The Fanatic earlier this week, Jaworski talked about the possibility of the Eagles going after Saban, who is going for back-to-back BCS titles and his fourth overall. For the former quarterback, the idea is not a favorable one.

“I’m not a Saban guy, because I don’t like liars, and I think he lied,” Jaworski said. “I think he lied to the Miami Dolphins, and to the fans of Miami, and he left. And it’s pretty simple. I think integrity is very important, if you don’t have integrity, I don’t know how you can be successful.

“Yeah, I know he’s great at Alabama, and he’ll probably win another national championship, but I just don’t like people that don’t have integrity, so it’s pretty easy for me to say I don’t want Nick Saban in town.”

Jaworski is not the first ESPN on-air personality to have a less-than-glowing assessment of a major football figure this week. Rob Parker was suspended for comments he made during “First Take” directed at Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, calling into question the rookie quarterback’s standing as a black man.


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