ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta recommend that adults get between seven and nine hours of sleep per night.

However, an influx in Internet use and people logging onto Twitter and Facebook while in bed appears to be cutting into the amount of rest the average adult is getting per night. The trend could also be negatively affecting the sex lives of adults around the world.

Telecommunication experts at the price comparison website BroadBandChoices looked into the role social media plays in the nighttime habits of grown men and women by polling people throughout the United Kingdom about their nighttime habits.

Researchers wanted to investigate the matter after learning of statistics that shows a 90-minute decrease over the past ten years in the amount of sleep the of-age crowd was getting each night, The Daily Mail learned. While the average adult would go to bed around 10:30 p.m. ten years ago, more people now turn off the lights closer to midnight.

And according to their findings, 46 percent of those losing sleep each night spend the hour-and-a-half of time online. As for the sex lives of adults, a reported 15 percent of people say the increase in Internet use has led to a decrease in nighttime intimacy.

One expert, Dominic Baliszweski, told The Daily Mail that the team was not surprised by its findings.

“Broadband has become an essential utility – with so much entertainment available online and so many devices with which to enjoy it, people are using every minute of their free time to get online,” he told The Daily Mail.

Though Internet use was the most frequent bedtime activity noted in the survey, which was reportedly conducted throughout the United Kingdom, it wasn’t the only option for late night entertainment. Researchers found that 15 percent of people watch television, and 13 percent specifically spend their time on social networking sites.

“I often work late and by the time I’ve got home and had something to eat I’ve usually missed anything that I might have wanted to watch on TV and it’s too late to call my friends,” 28-year-old Essex resident Debbie Fox told The Daily Mail. “I always end up taking my laptop and phone to bed with me and make the most of all that’s available online in the comfort of my bed – I can see what my friends have been up to and watch catch up TV when it suits me.”

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