No “Sport” Sedan…no “Sport” Utility…The Real Deal…a genuine honest-to-goodness Sports Car.   No quotation marks.   Real Deal.

Yes…Nissan’s “Z” is the real thing.   A two-seat, relatively high-performance, open-roofed, six-speed stick-shift sports car.

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Now….you can get the Z as a hard-top…and you can get it with an automatic…but for the “Full-Fun retro factor”, the convertible is the way to go.

Let’s face it….they just don’t build too many cars like this anymore.

When your parents were kids, this is what a performance car was like.

Almost everything else was a float-ey, boat-ey sedan.

Today, however, you can get sports-car-like performance in a number of vehicles, so “fun” seems to be the deciding factor when considering something like this….and the Z delivers “fun”.

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Standard is Nissan’s 3.7 liter, 332 HP V-6 and a six-speed manual transmission, altho’ you can opt for an excellent 7-speed automatic if you’d prefer.


If you haven’t driven a manual transmission in a while, Nissan has added a little feature to make it easier for you.   They call it “SynchroRev Match”…and it’s a computer chip that blips the engine so that when you down-shift, your engine revs are the same as they were in the last gear.   In short, this makes you look like you know what you’re doing…and takes the “lurch” out of those shifts.

The Z Roadster starts at $41,950 with transportation…and climbs to $47,780 in their “Touring + Sport” spec.

We tested a base model convertible with the $2,850 “Sport” package including 19” alloys, sport brakes, limited slip differential, Euro-tuned shocks, and the Rev-Matching 6-speed manual.  We also had a $2,150 hard-drive nav with 7” color monitor, streaming audio and rear-view monitor…bringing our total list price to $50,055.

The Z roadster is rated at 17 MPG city and 24 Highway….we got 22.5 in a week’s worth of mixed highway and around-town…and it wasn’t easy.   Those 332 horses are very eager horses!

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A hardtop Z will give you all of the performance of the roadster…a little quieter ride…and will save you a bit over $8,000.   But for the “Full-Fun-Factor”…the drop-top is the way to go!nissan 2013 covertible back