Get creative with your tailgate outfit (Credit, Andrew Snorton)

Want to be the hit of your next tailgate and have fun dressing in costume without it being Halloween? If so, you are reading the right article, because today we are going to talk about adding a little cosplay to your next pregame party. Costumes are really hot right now. It’s your best chance to get noticed, appear on television and it adds some flavor and excitement to your next tailgate.

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Here are some ideas and instructions for crafting your own “Falcons Fanatic” costume for the next game.

The Falcons Bird Lady (Credit, Rick Limpert)

The Bird Costume

Carolyn Freeman has made a career of putting on her “Bird Lady” costume and getting Falcons fans all pumped up before and during the games. Let’s face the facts, you will never be the “Bird Lady,” but you can make your own bird costume with some paper, cardboard and fake feathers, and get noticed.

It starts with twisting red or black construction paper into a cone to make your beak. Use thread or string to tie the beak around your head.  Next, place and glue feathers into a cloth headband or bandana. Have them point to the back of your head.

On to the wings. Cut large wings out of sturdy cardboard maybe about three feet long. Glue the fake feathers all over both sides of the wings. Feel free to overlap and have them point in a downward direction. Red, white and black feathers are the team colors, but get creative with some others as well.

The rest of the costume will involve pieces of elastic on your arms and legs with feathers glued to the elastic. For your feet, choose some furry slippers. Put all these accessories over the tights or leggings you will be wearing and you’ve transformed into a bird. Make sure your wings are secure and attached and have a blast.

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The RootSuit

It’s the latest rage. I’m talking about the RootSuit — a full bodysuit that comes in different colors and patterns. There is a size to fit all fans, big and small, short and tall. This costume’s easy. Just go to and order your favorite. For Atlanta fans, it would make sense to go for the red or black. Maybe to be a little different, you can go with the dark red. Feel free to add your own accessories and details to the suit. Prices range from about $30 to $50. Get yours now and outfit yourself for the stretch drive and playoffs.

Be a Falcons cheerleader for a day (Credit, Rick Limpert)

Cheerleader Costume

The ultimate attention getter at a football game or tailgate is a cheerleader. Yes, you can buy any number of ready-made cheerleading outfits put out by NFL teams, but you can also make your own. Start with a pleated skirt in your team’s colors. In this case, red, black and white in any combination will work. For the top, a generic cheerleading tank top or sweater will work. Extras like rhinestones and ribbons can be glued to the bottom edge of the skirt. Pieces of felt cut out in designs and logos of the Falcons can be applied to the top. Top off your costume with some red pom poms available here.

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