Bad Weather Survival Guide To Tailgating In Atlanta

Stay happy and away from the bad weather (Credit, Andrew Snorton)

There may be no more perfect season than fall in the South. Cool mornings with the sun shining through wispy clouds coupled with a little breeze in your face; it’s as pleasant a setting that you can find. The attire for tailgating at the Georgia Dome runs the gamut. You are just as likely to see summer beachwear as you are to see a long coat and ear muffs.

What is cold weather to some is mild to other fans that may have been raised in the northern part of the country. What we all can agree on is that even Atlanta can get cold and have inclement weather once we hit November.

That can make tailgating tricky, but it’s still doable by following these suggestions for tailgating in bad weather.

 Bad Weather Survival Guide To Tailgating In Atlanta

Make sure your grill’s fired up to make some warm food (Credit, Rick Limpert)

Warm Food

There is nothing better than eating hot food on a chilly day. Cold-weather tailgates are the perfect time to break out your favorite chili recipe or even a hot cider. What you add to that cider is your own business, but a favorite of tailgaters far and wide is a white chicken chili. White beans, rotisserie chicken and just the right amount of chili powder topped with some sour cream will make your friends come back for seconds. Don’t forget the grill. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can cut back on the grilling. Remember, on a cold day, the grill serves as a great heat source.

Keep Covered

The key to staying warm on a cold Sunday morning at the Georgia Dome is not only keeping covered when it comes to your body, but also keeping covered when it comes to your tailgating tent. The Quick Shade screen cover attaches right to your Weekender Canopy tent. The Weekender is one of the most popular tailgating tents on the market and this screen cover will keep the rain, wind and undersirables (Saints fans) out. If it’s a rough morning weather-wise, this cover for your tent is a life saver.

 Bad Weather Survival Guide To Tailgating In Atlanta

Stay dry on a rainy Atlanta day (Credit, Rick Limpert)

Rain, Rain Go Away

There is nothing worse than an univited guest crashing a party or tailgate. In this case, the party crasher is rain. You have your tent up and functioning, but it wouldn’t hurt to don your NFL poncho. Back that up with a sturdy umbrella and your should be set for anything short of Hurricane Sandy that comes your way.


You will not only look good, but you will feel good when you accessorize at your next tailgate. A skull cap, ski vest and even mittens in your team colors will make a statement. They will also keep you from losing the feeling in your fingers. One of the most effective tailgating accessories has to be a scarf. Not only will you look more refined and dignified, but you can keep your face and neck warm and toasty. This particular jersey scarf has a special zip pocket to store valuables.

The truth is, here in Atlanta we are pretty lucky. We may not be San Diego or Phoenix, where perfect weather is usually in the cards, but we aren’t Detroit or Buffalo either. One other trick for the really cold and damp days is hand warmers. Keep the little pouches handy and slide them in your gloves about an hour or so into your tailgate and it will all be good.

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Rick Limpert is a freelance writer/photographer in Atlanta and he loves covering anything Falcons-related. His work can be found at


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